What is the Asshole Report?
Asshole Report is a service to the public. The Asshole Report enables YOU the consumer, the individual, the person to share comments about asshole people or entities with your fellow human beings. Asshole Report allows you exercise your first amendment right to freedom of speech. By using our forum, you will have an opportunity to speak out against companies, businesses, governments, and individuals that have treated you bad or acted like an asshole. Asshole Report will help you spread your message once your report is posted, millions worldwide will have access to your gripe!  


How do I file an Asshole Report?

1. Create an Account (This information is required so that you may come back at any time to add additional information to your report.)

2. Login

3.Select the "Post" button.

4.File your Report.

Asshole Report 5 steps:

1.Give the Company or Individual's information, name, address, phone numbers, e-mail and web address.

2.Title your report using descriptive words, describing what they did to you.

3.Describe what happened.

4.Categorize your report by selecting from our list of categories.

5.CLICK ON Save, and let the fun begin!

Your Asshole Report will be available for the world to see as soon as you click on the submit button. This will also send it to our database, then your report is automatically submitted to all the search engines for other consumers to see!


How secure is my personal information?
VERY. All Asshole Reports are strictly confidential. We will not sell your e-mail address or any other information that you have given us. We simply use it to identify the complaint. At the most, we may e-mail you if we need additional information on your Asshole Report.  

Are Asshole Reports ever censored?
NEVER! Asshole Report ™ does not provide or create any content in the reports or the titles. Asshole Report may delete repetitive information in the title that may be caused mistakenly by mechanical entry, and Asshole Report and will delete profanity (other then what is acceptable on family time TV).

What makes a good Asshole Report?
The report should be relating an honest, factual, and impartial story. Make your statement as objective as possible.

Report both sides to the story. Reporting a false statement can get you sued.

Use any details such as names, times, places, tape recorded evidence (where legal), pictures, and witnesses statements, that will reveal the facts and support your Report. These items could be submitted to us to be made a part of your actual report...

How do I send photos to go with my Asshole Report?
1.Email photos in a jpeg format.

2.Give us a sentence or paragraph to insert with the picture.

3.Email subject: PHOTO for Report (copy and paste the web address of your report)

4.Email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Legal Disclaimer
Thank you for visiting our Asshole Report .com. When viewing this site you agree to hold harmless the Asshole Report its owner, owners, employees or entities responsible for any information contained herein. The Asshole Report is a non-substantiated source of information. Information provided in the Asshole Report is the sole creation of individuals from the general public. It is your sole responsibility to verify any claims that are made in this site, and make your own decisions about any companies and individuals listed within. Warning! The content within may be offensive, due to the unedited nature.