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To the Self Entitled Cunt at Trader Joe's (Ardmore PA)

I needed to run an errand on February 18th to get much needed things. I always shop at Trader Joe's at Ardmore, PA and I love the company, food and the friendliest of their staff. Those who shop at Trader Joe's know their aisle have enough room to get by people or go around them. I usually mind my own business while listening to Pandora on my phone. I stopped at the corner of the aisle and there wasn't anyone behind me or next to me or across of me.

Until this bitch came around.

This self entitled bitch thought she should slightly shoved me while I was in the corner of Trader Joe's. Trader Joe's have plenty of room on their aisles. There wasn't anyone on the aisle where I was and I told her she could have gone around me but she said, " I could go around you but I didn't want to."

This rude ass bitch thought she can treat anyone like crap when she feels like it. So I did give her a finger and she me one back and called me an asshole when she was the one being the actual asshole. I didn't threaten her or acted aggressive towards her. I took out my phone and started taking pictures. She quickly turns from me and put sunglasses on but I was faster you, cunt.

A Trader's Joe Employee has walked her to her car while carrying her bag since she felt she is entitled to it. (She only had one light bag.)

she drives a Silver Lexus SC4 30.

Her tags are: JLJ1165

Ardmore, Pa is outside of Philly so this Mainline Entitled Bitch is being exposed for being an asshole! Congrats! You're on the Internet for a long time!


Lauren Garcia

There is a bitch named Lauren Garcia. She beats on women she dates. She's been to jail on felony charges and continues to do drugs meth coke weed. Cause a woman to drive into a building. Doesn't care about anyone she hurts. Drinks and drives. She's a piece of shit. Number is 7139230247. Let her know how horrible of a person she is.



The phone rings with caller-id 720-612-3323 and I answer it, "Hello?" I hear a faint sound so I repeat, "Hello?"

This black dude (and yes you can often tell USA blacks by their voices) says "Stop yappin' and listen!"

So I immediately hung up the phone. I mean, WTF?!?!?!



Steve Jillings - Telesign

Is the biggest asshole on the planet. The fact that Steve is that kind of asshole you don't have an opportunity to meet every day. You may be fascinated with his amount of stupidity, arrogance, ignorance and assholeness in everything he do. No matter if you know him through business or personally.

I have never meet a man who can say that amount of lies per second. There should be a formula invented for a calculation of lies per second - and the metric should be definitely called Steve for his honour.

Should you do business with him - he will screw you for a money. It's not important if it is big or small. If he promise you something, he will deny that no matter the whole pub heard different from his mouth.

So, in conclusion, he is one Evil, Lying, Cheating old man, who enjoy having great time with his 50 years younger girlfriends using the money he will take from you one way or another.

Stay away from Steve Jillings, CEO of Telesign, and the biggest asshole in the world.


Lying pos asshole in Brawley Ca

This guy lies out his ass everyday. He cannot tell the truth to save his life! He's from Brawley, Ca, he's Mexican , lol, he works for CalTransvestites ,  he works in San Diego and orange County, he's too poor to have a place of his own so he sleeps on friends couches, drives a pos Ford  Ranger. He's plays softball but thinks he's a baseball player cause he played once in HS till he got kicked off the team (hm I wonder why coach kicked him off? Yep cause he's an asshole). This dude will not be accountable for shit. He recently met up with a friend from his home town because she had z miscarriage, she was upset with her boyfriend for not being there for her as she went through the emotions of having lost the embryo, so he came to her rescue to 'lend a shoulder' , yeah I bet he lent a shoulder, hand ,dick etc...  Isn't that why women have gfs and moms, sisters, brothers..? So when we are going through something and our jerk bfs aren't around we go to family or gfs? Not another man. You see this asshole doesn't care about that shit though. He's a selfish prick. His intentions weren't to help a friend they were to get down her pants... He was recorded by accident cause he's an idiot and he still denies all of it. Wow. The truth for once Mario Garcia!!!!!! The truth is easier than you think, try it sometime it might clear up that put face, cause you to grow some inches on that small smelly dick , maybe even cause some weight loss so when you f#%k the chick can try n watch that tiny thing pump in and out... Yeah the truth can work wonders sometimes but lets just face it, YOU'RE A LOST CAUSE!!!lying sack of shit!

Love me


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