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Sick of this Asshole Mark Shapiro judgmentbuy goguys

Seems every time I look up something on the internet I run across this asshole's ramblings. Shut the fuck up already! Half the shit you spew is bull shit and the rest is self serving crap and you look like a jerk off! So shut up no one wants to hear you non-scene.

This Douche Bag even lies on his Hit Counter  is claims to be in the 50G range but go here - www  .sitemeter.com/?a=stats&s=s37judgmentbuy&r=89  and it says 5000 and I doubt that too because you can set your own starting point.

Next time you write an article about pot (which I have seen by you) don't smoke it as you work on your site!

more horse shit by this dickhead - www. ezinearticles.com/?expert=Mark_D_Shapiro

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Meanwhile, Mark violated a non-disclosure agreement on the exact business plan which I designed and he was made aware of and signed an agreement. Yet he uses this as his business plan.