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Christian Filippone

I feel the need to save other woman out there from a true narcissist among other major mental issues .  He is a lost cause and you will get caught in his web to your own destruction.


Mr Gilcher is an arse for wasting my time on POF in 2013

He wasted my time by being nice to me when he does not respect me or my wishes and he never bothered to read what i said. He never read my profile, hes dumb and lazy like many several men on POF. I said on my profile that i wanted babies in my future and he said on his that he's undecided, which a big lie to try to get some ass from women who want to breed and yet will never marry him, because he's an immature greedy child-hating little prick.

If any woman reads this, stay away from the man or he will use you  and then make you have an abortion if you somehow get pregnant despite his ocd with condoms and greed!

I was close to dating the man and i knew that if hes obsessed with condoms then it would not last, because i prefer natural lovemaking and trying to start a  family. I want a  real relationship and real lovemaking, not just a lifetime sex partner using uncomfy unfeeling condoms. Without respect, there can be no relationship and if a man forces a woman to not breed against her will, then that goes against women's' rights. And if he had used me, then i'd accuse him of rape (if its rape) or just tell people how he lied to get me into bed with him. I refuse to have bad sex with an asshole.

Gilcher is not a family man like i thought he was, but i saw right through him. Another man pulled the same stunt on me and winded up raping me when i was drunk, because i said no when i saw him get out a condom. Gilcher lied to me to try to get me to date him when i sensed that he was after sex and no real relationship,  no adult responsibility (parenthood), just boring condom sex with no feeling nothing natural or good about that. A real relationship is when a couple date, fall in love, marry, and make babies (or adopt/surrogate if gay). A real relationship is about sexual or reproductive respect, not just sex and money.

I am afraid that he may knock a girl up and then force her to abort against her will just so he does not have to pay for the kid, hes a greedy little slut and dork, because i know what kind of asshole he is.

The arse waited until i was pressing him about condoms and babies subtlety and then he suddenly admitted that he just wants a sex partner and no babies, because he wants the money all to himself and his sexlsave and not give a dime to a child for their education.  He hates and doesn't want children and kept obsessing over condoms. I knew he was gonna make me wait 'til menopause to have a baby. I tried to report him on POF, because hes an asshole who lied on his profile and is just looking for a sex slave to spend the rest of his life with. From what i gather, he may be the type of man who'd force a woman to abort a baby just because he refuses to be a man enough to pay for a child's education.

I understand that men have choice, but if they disrespect me and my choice to breed, then such men have no business talking to me unless they want what i want in life. Those who pull a  stunt and lie to get into my panties deserve to be exposed for being a dishonest douche bag. I don't respect males who disrespect me, because i know that i have a right to doing what i want to do if its legal. I legally have a right to choose to get pregnant and birth and anyone who denies me that right just because they are immature and greedy, then f them! I refuse to marry a man who does not want me to breed with him. Why doesn't Gilcher be honest and maybe tie his effing tubes if he is unwilling to pay for what normal men pay? I don't date men with tied tubes, so either way, i will never date or have sex with Gilcher unless he drugged me and raped me!

Avoid any man with this username or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . He is a dork and a psycho.


Erica Leslie

I don't even know where to begin with this one.  she wuz kicked out of her army course for multiple counts of fraternization.  That means sleeping with multiple men within the course.  A BIG NO NO IN THE ARMY FOLKS.

Shes a compulsive liar. Attemptes to be manipulative and fails. Gossipper.  NO one can ever be better than miss erica leslie, the general's daughter.  she has to be the best. her ego is massive and it destroys her relationships personally and friendship. Cheated on me, will cheat on you.

fake. mean. liar. liar liar liar.  parasitic. uses men for money. only wants you for your money and will inflate your importance to her friends and family so its so embarassing when you meet them because they expect you to be something you are not. horrible. immature.

drug user - cocaine and random upper pills.

stay away from erica leslie unless you want your wallet unloaded and your ego shattered.

terrible, terrible human being.


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Continuation of Emails from David (Dave) Lazar

As you may recall from the last update, I chose to feel angry, then release the issue and move on with life.


I ended my e-mail to Dave with: "Keep the money.  Best wishes." and my signature.


I then got an e-mail back, where he ironically enough, threatens me with karma.  Dave, honey... I don't think that's how karma works :)

Email below:


Believe it or not... I get hundreds of emails. From hundreds and hundreds of clients. Daily...  For many many Apps.
Of those, almost 99.9% get what they asked for, with no trouble.
You on the other hand, not only do not introduce yourself, explain yourself, etc... but you just tell me you're disappointed, and you quit, and you want your money back.
For what?
How much?
I get email from people complaining about Apps I DID NOT EVEN WRITE. How do I know you even have a complaint against me or one of my Apps? You uninstalled an App meaning you left no trace of anything for someone like me to work with. Do you not realize your actions contribute to this issue?
You then spout off in Public about being insulted when I simply pointed out the error of your ways. Way to go. Karma will find a way of evening the score with you. Maybe I owed you what? $6. I guess if you're so chuffed as to cause such a stink over $6, you have many more serious issues that bother you in life and for that I feel sorry for you.
Next time.. try explaining yourself, your story and then ask nicely for service. You might find you get treated well.
And SO!

Kind of wish he would just leave me alone like I have asked for many a time.  I replied TLDR and something to the effect of "take care" or some other well-wish sign-off.  Hoping he moves on as well.  That's it for my updates... until next time, folks.



Tom Tormey

Biggest douche of all time.

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