Dear Dog,

Does Chelsea Fruggiero, George Perkins, Nicole Voth, Terry Drohan, Kimberly Foulk,Kimber Lamoreux, Johanna Job, Carrie James,Raegan Schultz, Brett Clarke, Tyler Earll, Ayla Flickinger, Mikey Messier Jr., Heather Hitt, Steven Hitt, John Hitt, Michael Hitt, Christine Hitt, Tracy Hitt, James Holberger, Alex Holberger , Mike Holberger, Rick Holberger, Laura E. Holberger, Cynthiar Holberger, Susan Holberger, Erica Anderson, Emily Anderson, Jimmy Anderson, Shelby Anderson-Johnson, James Anderson, Suzanne Maher Anderson, Rebecca Anderson, Britney Anderson, Elizabeth Dapolite Anderson, Lauren Elizabeth Anderson and Bobby Anderson know about you having sex in front a 5 year old with a coworker while working at Martin Memorial and do they know that you are a child molester? I think they have the right to know and protect their children from you.


PS: Remember Dog, you have to stay 500 yards away from any school zone.DOUGLAS R. HOLBERGER: SEXUAL PREDATOR

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