Asshole fake film producer


1) Always do a background check on someone online like at or 2) Always check someone's credentials on Doing the above will help you find out some very important details on just about anyone, especially if you don't trust them and if you feel their stories just don't sound "right". This is about William Charles Nestel a.k.a Bill Nestel. Bill has a history of not understanding "NO" and barging his way and imposing himself on women whom he perceives is either less intelligent than he is or weaker-minded than he is. He trawls the internet looking for young, 20-something naïve Asian women whom he feels he can manipulate and control. After conducting a background check on him on, it was discovered that he hasn't filed federal and state income taxes in over 8 years. Since his credit history is lousy, he will try to use the clean, credit of others in order to get what he wants (i.e a lease on a car or a loan to pay off his various debts) he will claim that he has no problem in paying for it and he will, but once its time to pay the expenses like selling the lease, he'll leave the other parties holding the bag. He is presently in China and before that in Montreal since he really does not want to return to San Francisco, where he is originally from. He's Jewish and American. He is pretty grey on top and colors his hair a dark brown frequently to cover the grey up so he try to look younger than his very real 58/59 years old. He's also in serious denial about how downright ugly he is physically. To give you a stark illustration, he actually thinks he's better looking than Rick Springfield (!) He has majorly crooked teeth and is in further need of orthodontic work. He does not walk but actually waddles and is bow-legged. He suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder in a big way. Mentally, he's perpetually stuck in 1968 Berkeley and the whole "Nam"-thing and doesn't seem to be ever getting over it or realizing that the world has moved on. On his various profiles on dating sites (, personals,, or yahoo! personals- with alias like zumabill, zumabilly or nomad2chi or even his name bill_nestel, he uses zenarcher on, he lists his age as 41-44 when in reality he will turn 68 this year. His exact date of birth is December 9, 1948. He also claims to be a movie producer with "tonnes" of contacts in Hollywood, yet he does not have a single listing anywhere on either Internet Movie Database or He is a member of the Academy of Motion pictures, Arts and Sciences and he uses his Academy card extensively as well as the film producer "cachet" to lure women and claims to be writing screenplays which are "being looked at seriously by some people in LA" but ladies, he really has nothing going for him except that card and the Oscar pre-screener DVDs he gets in order to vote during Oscar season. He does nothing but hibernates in the house all day long screwing around on the computer playing fantasy sports teams and playing with Ameritrade or watching business channels or football as much as possible or trying to hook up with young Asian women. He's not dynamic, boring as hell and will use other persons to find out information on what's cool and happening and then try to p*** it off like he's in the know. He lives vicariously through the women he's with. He's got no friends of his own, no social circles of his own, nothing, he's a loner who goes from place to place mooching off of women when he can get away with it - he somehow thinks that the friends and family members of the women he's with are suddenly HIS friends and HIS family members when that's not the case at all. He's also a lousy dresser and all his clothes are easily over 10 years old of the Nike logo, polyester-blend variety and from the Roseanne Barr School of fashion, he walks around wearing jogging pants and baggy jeans with holes in them. He will never pay a dime in any of the small outings couples normally do in the course of their day-to-day life, even for just small things which makes life more pleasant. He's extremely miserly and feels that if he doesn't have to spend on someone, he won't. He'll basically say what girls want to hear, he subscribes to a fair number of "dating tips" sites and religiously reads their articles on how he can get more women or con them at least, in order to lure them in, but everything that comes out of his mouth is a big, fat, giant lie '" a direct reflection of who he is. He is extremely dirty and barely cleans up the house, he sees no problem in living in a house which smells like a zoo, and has a very unhygienic habit of leaving used glasses and cups lying about the house. He is in Canada right now, he may try to hook up with another young woman in the hopes of landing residency status or use her for immigration purposes since at the moment he is only a visitor - he basically has been weaving in and out of the Canadian/American border in order to prolong his stay here. If he feels the relationship isn't "p***ionate" enough or if someone yells at him and makes him look like an idiot especially in front of other people, he'll go on dating sites behind their back. When you're not in the house, he'll make long-distance calls to women in Thailand which he met online and God knows where else. He claims he's living off "savings" and when pressed for details about his various business deals, all the answers come out convoluted and sound su***ious. He basically talks about these "large media deals" which are about to take him to Shanghai or London "any day now" but NOTHING ever happens. Instead he sits even longer in front of the computer and hibernates in the house. He also claims to be a lawyer but he can't even grasp the most basic differences between civil and common law. If he's asked for official papers like his income tax returns, his degree from Berkeley law school, his letters of reference from his time in Hollywood from former employers, he'll claim that "it's in storage or packed away in San Francisco". One would think that someone with his "extensive" executive experience would find a legit job in an instant or be able to find something with all the great contacts that he supposedly has. In fact he doesn't even bother looking '" why? Because the work history is negative and there is no one to vouch for this dirtied anus's character. He'll come up with any old excuse just not to show concerned parties anything when in reality, there's nothing there. He also won't allow "his soul mates" to talk to his mother and family, claiming that "they're not interested in you" when in reality they know him the best and will in all likelihood, blow his cover. His other outlandish claims include being a gourmet chef, a professional dog-trainer, and having a black-belt in martial arts. He will spend big bucks in the beginning to lure women and impress them with declarations of how amazing and unique they are, with promises of a life in Europe or Asia and when he's satisfied that he's got them, will ignore and treat them like non-entities. In the beginning, he'll monopolize all their time by keeping them on the phone all hours and by wanting to know what they're doing and who all their friends are. It'll come off that he's doing all this because he really cares about them and wants to make sure that they're alright. Bull***. It's his way of figuring out what makes them tick and what thy like and don't like in order for him to understand them fully so that it is that much easier for him to control them and have them figured out. Every single womanhe's been with has left him in a worse position than when they initially met him. His first wife is on anti-depressants, he cheated on her also with some film maker, his former girlfriend of 4 years is grossly overweight and a Christian fundamentalist in Mississippi. Bill has that ability of talking in such a convincing way that he'll nearly convince most people that they are crazy when in actuality, it is him and living with his various pathologies which will make them crazy. He is an extremely disturbed human being who doesn't even realize the harm he is doing to other people. He's a great talker, a pathological liar, a mind-game player, highly manipulative and very dangerous with a complete inability to see his own faults or the harm he does to others. Buyer beware. His 2 grown-up kids hate him and even his mother has very little to do with him except when she needs him for some chores. He has no friends and has no idea on how to conduct himself around a large group of people, he just sits there saying nothing and talks to no one '" probably because he's afraid someone will catch on he's a scam artist. He also has a hearing problem and is going deaf in his right ear. He doesn't even have one guy friend in the whole world. He's exactly the sort of buffoon who would have a stroke and no one, and I mean no one would show up at his bedside or even care. He'll most likely end up being a sort of Gary-Glitter wanker in Thailand or the Philippines as a 60-something year old with ignorant 17 year-old girls hanging around and die alone and diseased with no one around him. All women out there should be warned of this guy especially if you have Asian friends. Forward this profile to all your Asian female friends and tell them to stay the hell away from this guy. He's stickier than a burr and more parasitical than a tapeworm - literally. It would seem that many others have had the misfortune to deal with this guy. For convenience's sake, cutting and pasting the comments which have been left here about Bill from other posters who've dealt with him. All this to say, that he is someone to be avoided and it would seem he has a long and checkered past of har***ing other women.

Also, Immigration canada has a file on him since he tried to immigrate under a false marriage. The IRS are also on to him for back-taxes and credit liens.


---------------------------------------------------------------------------- I worked for this *** 7/24/2006 10:14:00 AM I am SO, so sorry you were duped by this ***. I worked with him in 1995 - actually, I was getting a divorce and he arranged for me to get a job working for him at this startup company. He was the president of the company - I was the one with brains that he knew would make him look good. Although there was NEVER a relationship between us... I desperately needed the job and it was an amazing opportunity. I held it all together so we all wouldn't lose our jobs in this fledgling startup as he went off in la-la-land. He spent hours, even during business meetings, on the computer,talking to Asian women (his preference even then...) and was, I believe, manic depressive. He used that Zumabill handle even then. He also believed he was from Atlantis, and was the 'Director of Communications' in charge of the crystals... he's NUTS. I also believe he was whacked out on cocaine or other such drugs... and one night, when I wasn't available for him to talk to for hours about business, he stalked my apartment, which then turned into several times. The stress was unbelievable. When I went to our employer, I was the one who was fired. Of course, the pathological liar was too big to not be true. It was, beyond a doubt, the most traumatic time of my life and I NEEDED that job. Years later, I found out there were several formal complaints against him regarding sexual harr***ment from other women. By chance, 10 years later, I ran into the HR woman from the company, who said, 'I thought you were having an affair with him;' I wanted to vomit right then... I then was free (she no longer worked there either...) to tell her the story which led to MY termination. She shook her head and apologized, 'but he was so believable!' Funny thing... I hadn't thought of him in years. My daughter was here, I had her read this and she agreed, it was certainly the Bill Nestel we knew. He has BSed himself into more jobs that he's not qualified for and I'm sure, he finds a woman to make him look good. He then can't handle the stress, cracks, loses the job and moves on. He's a serial BSer with extreme psychological problems. As you predicted, he'll end up alone, diseased and I hope, getting what's coming to him. It's not like me to wish anyone ill - but after reading this, I wonder how many other women have been duped by him and hurt as you were. I'm so sorry... and good for you for posting this in the hopes that someone else can be spared down the line. I sure hope others won't be next! All I know is that I spent years worrying he would stalk me again. Be well, move on, life is worth WAY more than this! ---