Asshole Guy-Boramy Ung

Women and gentlemen, be careful with this guiltless looking fellow, he is detestable, grimly intentioned and just does things that will bring him personal gain or distinction. He's that douche masked as a sheep, that sissy whose looks is his only ability, that grown ass man whose mom still spoils. The person who thinks he's so powerful and essential like a crown sovereign, he won't even converse with u on the off chance that he discovers you’re not at his level, this bit of poop believes he's greater than the world by denying and acting out of each bad circumstance he creates. He got dumped by his ex and has been single for a considerable length of time now, wanna know why?

- Apathetic so staggeringly lethargic, he can't even stand up from a seat to welcome visitors, he will even sleep in their face

- can't have an intriguing convo with this fella, goodness this guy!!! He is so exhausting and uninteresting thank god, his face is pleasant to take a gander at!!!

- RUDE, RUDE AF!!!  no ethical conduct, disregards you, doesn't get or answer, and has his voice message full deliberately due to the fact that he is so gaudy and "occupied". Not a courteous fellow at everything except rather likes to pretend that he is one on dating sites

- His punch line to inspire women is "think, speak, act and love like a gentleman" what fuckin bullshit!!!! The only individual he cherishes the most is HIMSELF!!!!

- Heard this one from companions close to him, he never puts any efforts in seeing someone, he hopes to receive favors yet likes to give nothing in return. To him nobody is worth endeavors unless it's himself. He supposes he can do whatever he needs regardless of the fact that it damages some individuals!!!

- We signed him a house warming card to congratulate him on his new condo and he didn't even send us a small thank you note, nor did he ever welcome us over

- A buddy let us know he has this leather couch and seat at his place and he secretely loathes individuals sitting on his furniture because he is afraid they will damage his goods, he even moved part of it in his room to make sure nobody would sit on it.

- He hangs out with a variety of individuals with no stability, it’s his trick to avoid having people getting to know the real him, he is only looking for booty calls or some easy girlfriend by pretending to be a social butterfly in various groups of friends

- He couldn't care less if he harms anybody if it gives him any advantage or personal gain

- He tries to use friends into doing free services for him at a loathsome shabby value and has no morals of admiration with his accomplices, he respects no one and talks shit in their back

- and what sort of fuckin name is boramy?!


So dear people avoid this butt hole, don't say we didn't warn you !!!