Steve Jillings - Telesign

Is the biggest asshole on the planet. The fact that Steve is that kind of asshole you don't have an opportunity to meet every day. You may be fascinated with his amount of stupidity, arrogance, ignorance and assholeness in everything he do. No matter if you know him through business or personally.

I have never meet a man who can say that amount of lies per second. There should be a formula invented for a calculation of lies per second - and the metric should be definitely called Steve for his honour.

Should you do business with him - he will screw you for a money. It's not important if it is big or small. If he promise you something, he will deny that no matter the whole pub heard different from his mouth.

So, in conclusion, he is one Evil, Lying, Cheating old man, who enjoy having great time with his 50 years younger girlfriends using the money he will take from you one way or another.

Stay away from Steve Jillings, CEO of Telesign, and the biggest asshole in the world.