Bradd Yoder- A&R Farms, Star Roses

My nursey was very interested in carrying Star Rose products.  The assigned salesman to our territory was Bradd Yoder of Maryland.  He was knowledgable of his product but was very arrogant.  He degraded our current supplier and products.  As a salesman I understand the concept of selling your product but there is no reason to degrade other companies.  He was rude and not attentive to our needs. He was extremely distracted by his cell phone during our meeting.  I am very disturbed an outfit like Star Roses would employee such a arrogant salesman.  He should join a used car team.  If the only pitch you have is degrading other companies And products then a used car dealer would live his style.  My team will not ever go with Star Roses as a result of this mans character md representation of his products.  I hope Mr Yoder gains training or finds a new day job.