i would not reccomend Aspen Dental to anyone. They ruined my teeth and keep wanting to charge more and more for teeth cracking and breaking due to bad dental work! When I first went in there I made it clear to them I am a flight attendant and my appts may need to be rescheduled from time to time, the last time i was there the receptionist was angry with me because i was 10 minutes late, she actually took it personal towards her. My appt. was at 2 pm , i sat until 3:30pm to get back, mind you I was there because after the dentist yanked teeth for no reason and racked up a huge bill for me . a tooth cracked biting into a cupcake. they looked at it, entirity time of appt. was 10 minutes .. rescheduled me for 3 more fillings and a crown, though they were supposedly finished with my teeth just merely a year ago. anyhow the receoptionist named Melanie again was very very rude when i asked her if i could come in bit earlier or reschedule, her exact words were, I DONT CARE TO FEEL SORRY FOR YOU SANDRA!! and informed me that take that appt. or skip it totally..