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Employees can really make your shopping, dining, repair, etc. really aggravating!

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Bradd Yoder- A&R Farms, Star Roses

My nursey was very interested in carrying Star Rose products.  The assigned salesman to our territory was Bradd Yoder of Maryland.  He was knowledgable of his product but was very arrogant.  He degraded our current supplier and products.  As a salesman I understand the concept of selling your product but there is no reason to degrade other companies.  He was rude and not attentive to our needs. He was extremely distracted by his cell phone during our meeting.  I am very disturbed an outfit like Star Roses would employee such a arrogant salesman.  He should join a used car team.  If the only pitch you have is degrading other companies And products then a used car dealer would live his style.  My team will not ever go with Star Roses as a result of this mans character md representation of his products.  I hope Mr Yoder gains training or finds a new day job.


Sarasota Memorial Hospital Wrong Number

Today I get a call from 941-917-8296 at 807 am. I missed the call, they left no message. I look up the number and find it is Sarasota Memorial Hospital in Florida.  My Wife and child are on the way to school (so now I am in a panic) I call the number and give my name they say oh sorry we dialed a wrong number. (WTF a wrong number from a hospital, and they don't have the thought to leave a message that it's a wrong number?)

Now, I am frantically calling my wife and can't get her on the phone, for 20 minutes. Finally I got her she was walking my child into class. PHEWWW!

You ASSHOLES! Leave a fucking Message next time!



i would not reccomend Aspen Dental to anyone. They ruined my teeth and keep wanting to charge more and more for teeth cracking and breaking due to bad dental work! When I first went in there I made it clear to them I am a flight attendant and my appts may need to be rescheduled from time to time, the last time i was there the receptionist was angry with me because i was 10 minutes late, she actually took it personal towards her. My appt. was at 2 pm , i sat until 3:30pm to get back, mind you I was there because after the dentist yanked teeth for no reason and racked up a huge bill for me . a tooth cracked biting into a cupcake. they looked at it, entirity time of appt. was 10 minutes .. rescheduled me for 3 more fillings and a crown, though they were supposedly finished with my teeth just merely a year ago. anyhow the receoptionist named Melanie again was very very rude when i asked her if i could come in bit earlier or reschedule, her exact words were, I DONT CARE TO FEEL SORRY FOR YOU SANDRA!! and informed me that take that appt. or skip it totally..