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Sometimes a Family Member is the Biggest Asshole EVER!

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The Worst Nightmare of a Person Peter James Orlando Milwaukee

Here is a young man who could be a wonderful asset to society, but he just throws it away being uncouth, vulgar, classless and has no idea how to treat people especially family. He was brought up in a household that spoke like the worst truck drivers and he learned to call his extended family members "fuckin" assholes" from a very early age and continues to this day 33 years later.  He is a bully and a common criminal. He presents himself as better than everyone, upstanding citizen, but nothing could be further from the truth. He  has been arrested and had scrapes with the law and is a convicted felon. He thinks it is okay to call the rest of the family names and it is his unkindness that keeps the family split. There are a couple of people in the family that perpetuate this behavior and that is his grandfather  on his Dad's side and his Aunt on his Dad's side. If you go to their houses and he is a guest, he calls us names and treats us with disrespect. Instead of asking him to leave or stop, the grandfather and aunt just sit there and say,, pay no attention to him. It makes visiting them impossible, because you n ever know when he will pop in or be there.  He lives approximately 1 block from them. He is a bad example for his two children with the oldest one exhibiting the same behavior, being a bully. If you met him, you would be unimpressed by his lack of charm and intelligence. I'm still scratching my head and asking....How could the woman he married, marry him? Well, she has her own unique set of sub manners.


mother in law is an asshole!

my mother in laws is such an asshole her mother in law confessed she could not stand her ,and that she was a lying asshole, and a cheating asshole, that she had cheated on her son and she would never forgive her ,and to this day the women treats her own grandchildren poorly and the child has no love for her and it's her fault for ignoring the child's birthday's and christmas's . MY MOTHER IN LAW IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST ASSHOLES I THINK I HAVE EVER MET !!!!



I know this must sound really bad, but this man is the bane of my existance. My husband and I have been married 9 years, and have a really great life and marriage,but his father continuosly tries to hurt my feelings. Little comments, rude pin-prick barbs that are designed to hurt...
We have come to verbal blows in the past, but I refuse to do it again because it only hurts my husband. He gets some kick out of reminding me that he wants a grand child when he knows full well that I cannot have children. I spend hours trying to prepare nice meals when he comes for dinner, only to get comments about how this or that could be better. He should realize that I AM a very good wife to his son- frugal, loyal, excellent housekepper etc... But instead he focuses only on faults. So my question is, how can mind fuck this pompas bastard in such a way that he will know that I disdain him too without my husband seeing it and feeling hurt. Nine years is too long to make nice.