NC license plate: Carpe D

Somewhere near Charlotte NC, there is the world's biggest asshole driver.   He has a silver newer model Mustang with the license plate 'Carpe D'.    Traffic laws and common courtesy are alien to this asshole.   How he got a driver's license is one of the world's greatest mysteries.     I was approaching a busy intersection, with a red, red light in front of me, I was slowing down and this asshole in his silver Mustang lays on the horn and passes me with traffic coming the other way, cuts in front of me and slams on his brakes.   He passed me to go nowhere.   The light turned green and traffic slowly moved forward, as we got near the intersection the light turned yellow and then red.   This asshole couldn't wait and ran the red light.

If you see this asshole around Charlotte, punch him in the face for me.