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We deal with so many companies. Many of which we have no choice. Electric Company, Cable Company, Phone Company, Insurance Company and all the other companies.  Some Campanies can be assholes for the policies they have or the way the do business!

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My Encounter with David Lazar

This is my experience with David Lazar, word for word.

I signed up a while ago for his service over Shopify, and was notified today by Shopify that he had double billed me for the service.

Here are the e-mail exchanges that took place.  Judge for yourself. I would not recommend working with this man. The most important aspect in our company is customer service, and I feel he is lacking that focus.

Please keep in mind while reading this that this is how David Lazar deals with irritated customers.


HI there,
Disappointed and confused to see that we were charged twice for your service.
This is not good business - wondering what happened there... and why it wasnt rectified and I wasn't notified.
I am now cancelling the service with you.
David's Response:
Hey... thanks for the heads up...
#1 who are you
#2 what were you charged for?
If you choose not to communicate, I can only to choose to not care. I would gladly check out your account, and provide you with a refund if deserved without issue.
Please try harder next time to be normal, and when you write emails to complain about perceived problems, explain them.
Good luck to you.
Thanks for the memories.
My response:

Wow! This is customer service? What memories are you referring to? And please do not ask anything of me, lest of all me to be "normal". I find that insulting and unwarranted.
I am forwarding this to Shopify and writing up a review of my experience with you.
Theresa and Sumit - after going through my account with Bob of Shopify today, we noticed one of the recommended apps had charged me twice for some reason. Bob recommended me writing in asking for an explanation as to this error, and as you can see below, that was done.
You can also see how Dave, the (assumed??) owner of this app, chose to react. I'm baffled and insulted. Not sure wha Shopify's connection or relationship is to this man and his company but I would gently suggest a re-look given the way he speaks to his customers (and I found him through Shopify Apps).
I'm at a complete loss here - not only have I been improperly charged, I have also been insulted. ???
Dave - in my experience, professionals treat their customers with respect and tact. You could have easily looked at my name and website to discover "who I am" and rectify the problem.
Really, the problem should not even exist. Overcharging is theft.
Unfortunately, it seems as if you have chosen to allow pride and rudeness to influence your customer service to me. Your mistake has somehow translated into me being insulted....
Do you know the adage of one upset customer tells x number of people...?
In any case, I'm glad you reacted as such so I don't feel any need to return to your app, regardless of its worth.
Please take the time to refer to your files and refund me the double charge you took from our account. My name, once again (and is also in my signature) is Victoria can Eyk. My shop name is
Good luck to you and your business... You've lost mine.
I expect a refund within the day and if not I will take other measures to correct this mistreatment.
Please do not contact me again unless you can do so with maturity and respect.
David's Response:
Please send me some proof of being over charged, the dates, the amounts, and I will gladly refund you your money.
I do not usually deal with criminal gangs like the mafia, but I will make an exception in your case, even though you chose to be rude and publicly call me out for your troubles. I will take the high road, while you stumble along the low road.
My Response:
Insulting me is not taking the high road.  Keep the money.  Best wishes.
Decide for yourself whether you would like to work with a man who treats his paying customers like this.  I have made my decision.  Thank you for taking the time to read and consider.


Dave Lazar is a Grade A Asshole

This guy is truly a detestable guy.  Avoid doing business with him at all costs.  Will irritate the hell out of you and insult you.  Easy to laugh at because he gets so riled up over nothing.  In reality he is a sad man who just needs a hug, but until he realizes how fat and angry his ego is, avoid him.


Better Business Bureau Shake Down

We are a bail bond company in NJ. I was in Florida on vacation when I get an urgent sounding message from the Better Business Bureau to call them back today. I am thinking now what happened, vacation or not I am calling because I do not want my business image tarnished. After 8 calls to their voice mail I get a call back, telling me how my company qualifies for BBB Accreditation because of our good track record. How they can help and all the BBB pitch. I am like wow okay this is great, the BBB calling little old me. UNTIL THEY SAY BY THE WAY IT WILL COST YOU $350.00 A YEAR to be accredited. WHAT!  This is crap now even the BBB is shaking down people. How legit are they when you have to pay them? This is just as bad as the National Registry of Who's Who that if you pay $600.00 you are the Shiz! and they put it on a Plaque.


Double My Speed - Triple My Headache!

I heard on the radio this morning an ad for "Double my speed".com (free trial). It told me to run it....and it turned out be "Cyberdefender Registry Cleaner"....well it is not free....they want $39.95/year..... I tried to uninstall it from my computer and I can't do it. I call two times to Cyberdefender (866-793-0453) and was told to go to a site and follow the instructions. I did exactly what the instructions said and it still won't uninstall. I am so mad and upset with myself. How could I fall for something like this. It still keeps bopping up on my screen. When I called I asked them if this has happen to anyone else...they said might be your computer. I don't believe them!!! Could anyone help me. Please....



AHBL services


Andrew D Kirch, I'm one of the founders of the AHBL, and served in that capacity until 2008.    I've been harassed, extorted, sued, and defamed by a Mr. Richard Morton Scoville, a resident of San Antonio, Texas for a period of 7 years.  During that time I have suffered nearly irreparable damage to my character, and public reputation.  I've been questioned by police, and my customers, and I have incurred over $10,000 in legal costs defending myself in court against this person.

Several of the AHBL's actions since its creation have led to harsh criticism from other members of the spam fighting community for being overly aggressive and unreasonable. One such example is the complete blocking of Spain's largest Internet service provider,, for more than 6 months "because of the ever increasing amount of spam and illegal 419 coming from IP space."[4] The AHBL has also publicly spoken out against the Spamhaus .mail ICANN proposal, which was later rejected by ICANN.[5]

The AHBL has also listed GoDaddy's hosting services due to continued hosting of The Free Speech Store (Richard Scoville, who attempted to sue the AHBL in the past). This listing was escilated after repeated attempts to resolve the issue with GoDaddy's Abuse Department, and being told that "that they will not enforce their TOS or AUP unless forced to by law enforcement." [6]

The second major source of controversy comes from the AHBL's Shoot On Sight listing policy, which is commonly used by its administrators to force ISPs to take action against entities that the AHBL considers to be abusers, and against entities that make legal or "Cart00ney" threats against the AHBL or similar organizations.

Good! You asshole! You guys have no rhyme or reason as to how you select url's to black list.

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