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We deal with so many companies. Many of which we have no choice. Electric Company, Cable Company, Phone Company, Insurance Company and all the other companies.  Some Campanies can be assholes for the policies they have or the way the do business!

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Jam Sports T-Shirts Promotional Advertising

This company called us about advertising our company name on t-shirts that will passed out at the local university in town where my bail bond office is located. It sounded like a good idea, because our company is local and I wanted to market within the community.


Well, after $250 and 6 months later, NO t-shirts have been seen, no customer service, no refunds. Stay away from this company. They also have a E rating with the BBB. I wish I would have researched this alot more. I will never advertise with anyone over the phone again. if they can't walk into my office, forget it. 


RRI Collections

Don't trust these collectors. They will call you acting like lawyers and solicit accounts from you. Good luck trying to get ahold of them again. Thier based out of dallas,TX (888-240-1465). I tried many of times only to hear- thier out of the office right now. Huh, so much for working on my bad accounts.


If they call your bail bond office, hang up.


Mattress Direct Outlet RIP OFF!

Mattress Direct Outlet Inc1875 Tamiami Trl S, Venice, FL 34293-3137(941) 408-9792

I went in on one of his Holiday Sales. They showed me a mattress that was on sale for $399.00. He said it was normally a $1,000.00 mattress but he bought out a manufactures run because the store that placed the original order went out of business.

Well not 3 days later the mattress sagged with in 30 days time the sag was 2 1/2 inches deep. (keep in mind this was a bed for a 95 lb boy). I called and stopped in about it. He kept telling me he would come look at it. Never showed up. Then he said the factory would send an independent inspector to look at it. I got a phone call from the factory in Miami they wanted $59.00 to pay the guy to look at my mattress. I told them they were crazy, I took photos and brought them to the Store. I waited for him to come see the mattress or pick it up, now the mattress is 60 days old.

I finally put the mattress on the hood of my car like the Beverly Hillbillies and dragged it in his showroom. He sent it back to the factory. A few weeks later I get the mattress and they actually stuffed the sag with cheap foam rubber like they used in chairs in the 60's. WTF!

Not only was it a bogus repair the foam rubber stunk! I told him I wanted my money back for lying about the quality and actual list price and that the mattress was terrible. His reply "You Get What You Pay For". And that it would cost me more to file the suit then I would recover. This guy is a asshole.


Clayton Homes


My Parents wanted to retire on my farm in Greene County, Pa. They went to Clayton homes in Jan. 2010 and put a deposit on a home. In April the salesmen "Jerry" calls me and said the contract expired and my parents needed to sign a new one. (When actually they were the home show, and sold out to clayton homes this is why he needed a new contract)I asked Jerry if I needed to be there and he said no because it was just the same one as before.

After my parents came back I looked at the new paper signed and Jerry raised the price of the house by $4,280.00 because of a "lumber surcharge".

After the closing in early June, we was told the house would take 2-3 weeks to build, and after delivery, 1 week for them to complete their work. The house was delivered at the end of July, (7 weeks) and it is now the end of Oct. and they are still not working on it. My parents are living out of boxes. The siding is falling off, and the skirting looks like 4 year olds put it up. Windows were put in wrong, wrong appliances, wrong cabinets which were falling apart. Front door banged up, wall panels broken. After they worked on it for a month, actually 3 days that month, I handed them 2 full pages of things needing fixed.

Also the model my parents looked at on their Morgantown lot was a "special Edition" home and was not told that, they thought they were getting that home, instead the got the model with all the cheapest materials even though they ordered $18,000 worth of upgrades. 1 upgrade was window blinds, Clayton ordered the wrong size, so they hung them anyway screwed into the walls instead of the window seals. The windows are the cheapest I have ever seen, and I have been a contractor for 27 years. The shingles were wrong, instead of 30 year, they are 20 year 3 tab.

My parents signed the 2nd draw for $67,000 a month ago, not one person has been back out to do work since then. I come home yesterday and see the skirting fell off 2 sides from a small storm we have had.

I am contacting my lawyer today, do not buy from this company, Jerry the salesman, and Keith the mgr. will do nothing but lie to you. One bright spot from this Company is their service mgr. Ray. He seems to be the only honest one, but he works by himself, he does all he can, but they will not hire him any help.

Please save yourself the trouble, and buy from somewhere else, this company is not worth it for the money. The houses are junk, and the service is the worse I have ever seen anywhere!! 


Opticantacts - Bad Customer Service

A review of OptiContacts (1 888 678-4201) located at 1010 Niagara Street, Buffalo, NY 14213 reveals that they appear to be part of a Contacts1st, (1-888-391-776) located at 11010 Niagara Street, Buffalo, NY 14213 & Lensdiscountser-(1 -877 -536 7347) located at 1010 Niagara Street, Buffalo, NY 14213. Here is where I take cautions, all three companies list the same address of 1010 Niagara Street, Buffalo, NY 14213 and no corporate contact information is revealed on either site. All 800 numbers appear to “sound” the same (LensDiscounters Contacts1st and OptiContacts). The BBB does not have any additionally information (Address, 800#). A search of the web reveals that the company LensDiscounters is a Canadian based retailer. However they are not listed with the Retail Council of Canada, they are not listed in their business directory under OptiContacts (basically they are not a member of the Retail Council of Canada). They are not listed in the Canadian based company directory although this is not a required to operate in Canada. A search of the Canadian Commerce database does not list them either company (Not required either) (Lensdiscounters, Contacts1st or Opticontacts) as well. It may be possible for them to be registered under a different corporate name. However it may be challenging to get past these 800 numbers and receive corporate names if you have a complaint. The 800 number listed all appear to go to the same customer service department. The customer service representatives state they are not allowed to give out corporate contact information. Good luck if you have a real problem!

If anyone has any corporate contact information to share, please do so. I really would appreciate getting a phone number and address, name of a CEO.

I don’t use my bank card or check when ordering on line, I use a pre-loaded debit card. I will support businesses on this side of America because there is a path to some form of a resolution.

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