Ricoh and Integralis AG Switzerland: Two asshole acompnies for a job scam

I have recently applied for a position advertised on the website of Ricoh Switzerland at .


To apply, the candidate needs to fill a form online on Ricoh’s website and upload his/her CV.

There was even a recruiter contact displayed on the job description:

“Ms. Sonja Schweizer (+41 (0)43 205 20 55) is available to answer your questions”. I should have called before but as my profile matched almost perfectly the job offer, I applied without calling first.


What a mistake. Just few days later I received a refusal letter from the generic email address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it informing me that my profile didn’t match their requirements.

The person who signed this email was the same appearing on the job advert: Sonja Schweizer (+41 (0)43 205 20 55). But strangely enough, she wrote using a generic email, not one under her name.


As the response I received after applying was so quick (2 working days) and as my profile was quite matching the job description, I smelled a rat. I also would like to mention that the job advert and the role were both in English and deemed as “international”, but that the negative reply I received was in German…


I then checked on Sonja Schweizer, the recruiter, supposedly working for Ricoh. I found out that this person is not working for Ricoh but for a firm called “Integralis AG”( ). This firm seems to be a recruiting firm.

Nowhere on Ricoh’s website or in the job description was mention that Ricoh was using the service of this company to recruit. Worst of all, candidate have to upload their CV through Ricoh’s website but the CV are sent to this external firm.

To top it all, Sonja Schweizer, the employee of Integralis uses a Ricoh’s email address to reply to applicants, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , adding to the overall deception scheme.


Realising that the jobs advertised on Ricoh’s website are most likely fake and that the only goal is to collect personal data and CV by the firm Integralis, I wrote to them asking them to remove all my data from their records.

As a Swiss firm, privacy rules are normally tighter than in countries like the US.


As of now I am still waiting for an answer.


So, be careful of Ricoh Switzerland posting doubtful jobs on their website for the benefits of crooks collecting personal data and CV, Integralis AG.