Bradd Yoder Star Roses aka Conard-Pyle

i recently inquired about carrying Star Roses in my Garden Center.  I was assigned Bradd Yoder for my sales representative.  I spoke with Bradd in the phone and arranged a meeting.  Bradd was over a half hour late with no excuse or explanation or apology. Upon meeting Bradd he Appeared to be more interested in answering Text messages on his cell phone.  He was very distracted during the entire meeting.  He was very forceful in his sales.  He came accross like a typical used car salesmen.  He knew his products however seemed annoyed by my questions regarding  the roses.  He was very rude about my other suppliers.  There was no need to talk trash about other suppliers.  I found it very rude and it really showed his arrogance.  He knew my suppliers salesman and just like bashing the products he was bashing my salesman.  Rather then promoting his products he was to busy talking trash on other suppliers.  He was also talking down to me as if I was a incompetent although I have 32 years experience.  At one point I was finally fed up and asked him who he thought he was.  He proceeded to tell me he was having a terrible day and had personal issues.  I told him I understood but I did not appreciate his demeanor.  He got angry and said thank you for wasting my time have a wonder day.  I have never came accross a salesman like Bradd.  I will never do business with Star Roses or Conyrd Pyle because of this man.  Very unprofessional.  He really needs some serious training on customer relations.