Better Business Bureau Shake Down

We are a bail bond company in NJ. I was in Florida on vacation when I get an urgent sounding message from the Better Business Bureau to call them back today. I am thinking now what happened, vacation or not I am calling because I do not want my business image tarnished. After 8 calls to their voice mail I get a call back, telling me how my company qualifies for BBB Accreditation because of our good track record. How they can help and all the BBB pitch. I am like wow okay this is great, the BBB calling little old me. UNTIL THEY SAY BY THE WAY IT WILL COST YOU $350.00 A YEAR to be accredited. WHAT!  This is crap now even the BBB is shaking down people. How legit are they when you have to pay them? This is just as bad as the National Registry of Who's Who that if you pay $600.00 you are the Shiz! and they put it on a Plaque.