My Asshole Boyfriend

He emotionally abused me for 2 years until today, I was brave enough to tell him that I was leaving him because I was just SO sick of it.

He replied by saying "You know why your family hates you and why you have no friends? Because you're bitchy, annoying and needy. No one likes you. My family hates you and your parents think your pathetic and stupid. Don't blame me for treating you like **** because you provoke people to treat you like that. I can't believe I ever loved someone like you."

Don't worry, I'm use to his verbal abuse so I pretty much ignored everything he said so that it wouldn't hurt me as much. But still .. I'm so completely angry. I ripped up EVERY picture and movie tickets and love letters that we kept and I threw the ring he gave me into the lake. 

I want to do something that will hurt him so bad.. for all the times he put me down and made me feel like crap .. I want him to feel what I felt!! I'm so SICK of him insuling me! What should I do?